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The Canadian Sport Parachuting Association (CSPA), through affiliation with the Aero Club of Canada (ACC), is Canada's representative to the Federation Aeronautique Internationale (FAI), and is thereby the official sport organization for sport parachuting in Canada.


Note: Skydive Gananoque is not directly affiliated with the CSPA; although we have several CSPA rated coaches and instructors. In addition, Skydive Gananoque is the home dropzone of the CSPA Club, the "1000 Islands Skydivers".

The United States Parachute Association (USPA) is a non-profit individual membership organization dedicated to promoting the safe enjoyment of skydiving. USPA partners with its affiliated schools, clubs and centers ("drop zones") to provide properly trained and rated instructors using recognized training programs and following the skydiving community's basic standards of safety. 










I'm done with tandem skydiving, I think...


Whether you are entering our freefall program, or are a highly experienced skydiver, you will require an affiliation/ membership with one of the following national associations in order to be allowed to skydive with us.


Primarily, this provides you with third-party liability insurance, however both of these associations offer invaluable information about our sport, as well as a range of other benefits.


Appel/Texte:  613-484-JUMP
Gratuit:  844-JUMP-GAN
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