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Be Awesome!


Most people who jump out of airplanes will tell you that the sport isn't just about the actual jumping; there's a certain bond that you form with people you play with that can't be described with a few words. But we tried.


It's called being Awesome (also known as being a Skydive Gan Jumper).


Introducing, the Awesome Passport. A simple way to record your efforts to become Awesome. And while the journey to become Awesome is a reward unto itself, arriving at your Awesome destination pays off too!


Once you achieve a minimum of 2,500 points (see actual passport for details), your $25 annual fee provides you with:


  • 50% off the regular price of a tandem skydive for one family member (each year)

  • 50% off the regular price of a tandem skydive for one friend (each year)

  • $2.00 off all of your jumps (even when they're already on sale)

  • special promotions


PLUS, upon achieving Awesome status, you will receive a certificate proudly proclaiming your elevated status (perfect for your office) and your exclusive Skydive Gan Gold Wings!

Appel/Texte:  613-484-JUMP
Gratuit:  844-JUMP-GAN
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