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All Month - Special Pricing In Effect (Including Student Pricing - Click for Details)


11th and 12th - Opening Weekend 




7th and 8th - Closing Weekend

We're pretty sure we'll be the last dropzone in the area that's still open and flying a turbine. Come join us as we finish up the official skydiving season, Skydive Gan style!



6th and 7th - CSPA Coach 1 Course




All Month - Special Pricing In Effect (Including Student Pricing - Click for Details)


2nd and 3rd - Power Up - Dedicated to getting license/rating requirements signed off.


16th to 18th - "May 2-4/Scrambles Weekend & 15 in '15!! 

Our first scheduled weekend of 15,000 feet for the same price! That's right, all loads (subject to weather conditions) will be taken to 15,000 feet for no additional charge!


30th and 31st - Flight 1 Canopy Courses

4th and 5th - Canada Day Boogie/Scrambles #2 & 15 in '15

It's not quite a long weekend, but that doesn't mean we can't party! Come join us for our second 15 in '15 weekend. 15,000 feet, no additional charge!!


10th, 11th and 12th - CSPA Coach 2 Course


17th, 18th and 19th - Tandem Instructor Course


25th and 26th - CReW Camp


27th to 31st - Not at Skydive Gan - CSPA Nationals


31st - August 2nd - USPA Coach Course



1st to 3rd - Not at Skydive Gan - CSPA Nationals


15th and 16th - Not at Skydive Gan - World Cup of Canopy Piloting


20th to 23rd - Wedding "Weekend" & 15 in '15

It's not an official long weekend, but that won't stop us! Come join us for some sweet shenenigans and another 15 in '15 weekend. 15,000 feet, no additional charge!!

20th - A couple Gan Jumpers are getting married - Reception at the DZ in the evening

21st - Experienced Jumpers Only - BOOK THE DAY OFF!!

21st to 23rd - PD Canopy Tour with Gilles Dutrisac



5th to 7th - Boobies Boogie & 15 in '15

Second annual "Celebration of Life" boogie commemorating our friend, Chantal, plus fundraising efforts. Also, another chance to enjoy 15,000 foot jumps for no extra charge.


19th and 20th - Corn Roast Dinner




10th to 12th - Thanksgiving Weekend & 15 in '15

Come gobble down some delicious food and enjoy some colourful skydives on our last long weekend of the season!


31st - Hallowe'en Party!!


Appel/Texte:  613-484-JUMP
Gratuit:  844-JUMP-GAN
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