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The first jump is simply a taste.


Let's face it. For the majority of people that make their first jump, this is simply a box that needs to be checked on their bucket list.


A tandem skydive gives people the best, fastest and safest method of making their first jump. Doing a tandem jump allows first-time jumpers to experience freefall, which is the essence of our sport. By jumping with one of our highly trained instructors, students forgo several hours of groundschool. The vast experience of our instructors also means that they can easily handle any unusual (read: emergency) situations that arise; in fact, they already have. 


The industry requires that skydivers have 500 jumps to be able to participate in a tandem instructor course. Unless proven to us, we ask that our tandem instructors have 1,000 skydives; double the industry minimum.

Why do I have to do so many tandems?


We're often asked why we make our students do four tandems before they start our freefall program. The short answer is that we've been around long enough to know what works.


The long answer is that during the next three jumps, the training has already started. With a focus on body position, altitude awareness and canopy control, we can give real-time, one-on-one training without risking the safety of the student. When any of these elements are discussed during the subsequent groundschool, the student will have a reliable frame of reference.


We also use these jumps to evaluate a student's retention and performance level in order to pair them with the best instructor for their skill level.

Everything you need to know.


Once you and your instructor decide that skydiving could be a good fit for you, we make you participate in a three to four hour groundschool. You'll learn a lot about checking your equipment, the basics of flight and how to handle yourself in an emergency.

On each of the nine levels (typically one jump per level - roughly one in four people need a repeat jump), you will receive training for new skills that build on your flight ability. This training involves ground training, the actual skydive and a debrief session shortly after landing.  


Our freefall program may require more jumps than some of our competitors, but we strongly believe that you will be a more competent and confident skydiver because of it.

So... you liked your first jump and want (or need) more?


With the latest training techniques, our instructors, with their passion for the skies, will teach you how to move around our playground. Plus, with our proprietary "Newbie to Novice" coaching program, you won't be sitting there wondering what to do when you graduate.

Appel/Texte:  613-484-JUMP
Gratuit:  844-JUMP-GAN
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